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Death metal, like any genre of music, needs a bit of a facelift every now and then. Bands like Gorguts, Pyrrhon and Ulcerate, to name a few, are all celebrated for their blatant disregard for death metal tradition and their willingness to take extreme risks in composition. It is acts like these that effectively push the genre forward and show that the possibilities are virtually endless. Experimental metal collective Coma Cluster Void is another one of these aforementioned bands whose approach to the genre pushes the envelope. This German/U.S./Canadian outfit’s debut release, Mind Cemeteries, builds upon what the progenitors of the technical and avant-garde established and creates a sound that is insurmountably intense, polarizing and unique to them alone. This fresh and wonderfully grotesque take on death metal  will bewilder and enthrall those who thought the genre couldn’t get any more insane.

The quintet is armed to the teeth with menacing 10-string guitars, bass tuned to subterranean lows, dizzying and destructive drumming patterns and dueling vocalists. This choice of auditory weaponry are combined to create a disfigured, writhing and dissonant style that sounds like the most complex parts of Gorguts, Meshuggah, Deathspell Omega and other forward-thinkers have been mixed thoroughly in a blender. The music on Mind Cemeteries acts like an aural representation of the titular creature in John Carpenter’s “The Thing”; constantly twisting, churning and morphing into more and more disgusting shapes.

The 45-minute opus features brief interludes placed at the beginning, middle and end of the record. These short ambient detours are comprised of haunting, abstract horns, which give off a Colin Stetson vibe, and a few short lines of vocals that are either screamed or spoken. In between these little sections is where the fun really begins. “Iron Empress” officially kicks things off with a cacophony of vile instrumentation. The guitars and bass lurch feverishly throughout, unleashing off-kilter grooves and dissonant aberrations with each convulsion. The drumming absolutely boggles the mind with its complex array of rhythmic busts that seem to conflict with, and compliment, the rest of the instrumentation. The dual vocal assault from Mike DiSalvo (ex-Cryptopsy) and Austin Taylor is the icing on this psychopathic cake, as both vocalists belt out myriads of screams, screeches, growls and other devilish ululations.

But “Iron Empress” is only the beginning, as the record becomes more abstract and vile as it progresses. Tracks like “Drowning Into Sorrow” and the tumultuous title track opt for a more sprawling approach that utilizes more spacing. Though these tracks do feature the occasional burst of chaotic guitar acrobatics, they are mostly comprised of staggering riffs that slowly and fluidly morph between one another, and are peppered with atonal, angular leads. The title track is particularly notable for its bizarre, pulsating rhythmic presence that sounds like macabre re-imagining of mid-era Meshuggah.  “Everything Is Meant to Kill Us” weaves together flurries of noisy debauchery with cold, grinding, mechanical grooves that call the work of Car Bomb to mind. “Petrified Tears” is also worth noting for its bellowing low-end and doom-laden crawls that jerk and twist sporadically in such a way that the listener’s equilibrium will be demolished.

Mind Cemeteries is a dense, frightening and delightfully strange release that no review will be able to effectively cover every facet of what it has to offer. Coma Cluster Void is poised to be another celebrated act within the death metal scene, thanks to this truly monstrous release that will leave listeners breathless. Those looking for a challenging and insurmountably brutal listen will have to look no further.

Rating: 9/10
Release Date: August 26, 2016
Favorite Tracks: “Iron Empress”, “Mind Cemeteries”, “Path of Lies”, “The Hollow Gaze” and “Everything Is Meant to Kill Us”
For Fans Of: Gorguts, Soreption, Ulcerate and Pyrrhon


There is something to be said about bands that inject a lot of different elements into their music and make everything work without their sound being just a wall of noise, and that something can be said about Coma Cluster Void. Coma Cluster Void plays death metal but not in the traditional sense at all. With Mind Cemeteries, Coma Cluster Void gives you a unique sound that is difficult to pigeonhole into one specific genre. However, what Mind Cemeteries does give you is a listen that is incredibly heavy as well as one that makes you uncomfortable and yet it makes you headbang until your head falls off all at the same time.

By uncomfortable I simply mean that while listening to this album you can’t be at ease. You are always on edge as the music changes so much and so rapidly that you can’t get comfortable. Coma Cluster Void does a great job of providing you with a listen that is entirely disorienting. From one song to the next you have no idea what you are in for as these death metal contortionists switch their sound up at the drop of a hat and back again almost as quick. Coma Cluster Void gives you more than a fair share of variety within this release and gives you different looks into different sounds of death metal as well.

As the music changes and lurches you yourself lurch with the music and headbang accordingly until your brain is covered in severe bruises. Mind Cemeteries is a chaotic listen that is equally as heavy, which means this release is devastatingly heavy. At every turn and every twist you can be crushed by the sheer weight of this release. Coma Cluster Void doesn’t ease you into the heavy tides of crashing metal either as they thrust you straight into the chaos and metal storm immediately after the intro concludes. Before the intro does conclude, it would be wise to buckle up to prepare yourself for the crazy and wild ride down the heavy metal rabbit hole.

Coma Cluster Void gives you so many different sounds and so many different looks into what death metal is and can be that it takes more than one listen to have everything sink in. You need a few rotations of this devastatingly heavy record to have everything soak in. As mentioned above, even though these gents provide you with a startling amount of different elements, everything works together very well. Each song is cohesive and well constructed and with that being said, the entire album works together as a whole to grind your skull into bone dust and turn your brain into a soupy mess.

These death metal savages bring to you a ten string guitar attack that writhes, lurches and jumps at you with the intent to kill. Combined with the slashing riffs is a bone crumbling bass and an incredibly acrobatic drum performance. To round out the sonic assault is the dual vocal attack that is just as monstrous as the musicianship. With Strieder on the massive ten string guitar, Hinz on the bass, Christopher Burrows on drums and the dual vocals by Mike DiSalvo and Austin Taylor, Coma Cluster Void is stacked with talent and people that know how to dish out brain damaging death metal, and that is exactly what they do.

This debut album is highly anticipated and rightfully so. This eleven track album isn’t just set to stun, it’s set on destroy and given the chance it will do just that. Mind Cemeteries is an impressive debut that certainly has the power to level your entire city.

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Mind Cemeteries will be out August 26, 2016.


Thursday, 11th August 2016RATING: 9/10

It’s often said that you have to work for the best things in life. There has to be some sort of challenge in order to reap the reward, or it lacks significance or grandeur. While it may sound like a cheesy self-esteem poster, the words ring true when listening to Coma Cluster Void’s first album, the staggering and complicated Mind Cemetaries – an album of disturbing dissonance.

Coma Cluster Void is a hard shell to crack and will take some time to let everything soak in, similar in some regards to the growing number of bands like Pyrrhon, Gorguts, and Imperial Triumphant, who prefer to assault the listener’s senses with terror as well as stimulate the mind. At times eerie and other times chaotic, at no time (even during the Interlude/Epilogue) does it seem like you can feel truly at ease. It’s the type of album that will make you wonder what is coming next, and veer off in a different direction while keeping a semblance of coherence. Case in point: “Everything is Trying to Kill Us” slithers through labyrinthine dissonance and near Meshuggah-isms, only to erupt into more chaotic rhythms and utterly abrasive vocals. The unpredictability rules supreme, and only seems to strengthen the madness and bleak atmosphere. It’s also worth noting the vocal performance of Mike DiSalvo (ex-Cryptopsy) and Austin Taylor, who succeed in elevating the intensity, regardless of tone. They are also given some assistance on a few songs from Lord Worm (ex-Cryptopsy) and Will Smith (Artificial Brain) to further round things out.

An album that will resonance with you once it initially ends, it’s also one of those albums that show off a more profound depth the more you listen to it. Mind Cemeteries is thoroughly twisted in a way that those who demand more from their music will enjoy immensely. A crushing debut indeed.


Coma Cluster Void is about to release a mind bending, corpse grinding album titled Mind Cemeteries.This is debut that has being prolonged, however this is exactly what the band wanted to work on and accomplish as a death metal ensemble. Strieder (guitar) and Hinz (Bass) wanted to create a spontaneous album in 2013, with sounds of cannon blast and 10 string guitars. This group consists of two vocalists who’s talent is impeccable- Mike DiSalvo ex-Cryptosy and Austin Taylor. The relentless drums are punished skillfully by Christopher Burrows. There is also a special guest appearance by Lord Worm (vocalist) and Will Smith- not the hip-hop guy.

This is a brutal record that has twists and turns in all spots of the songs. Track “Drowning Into Sorrow” has the levitating sounds of guitar riffs sporadically giving the song that brutal atmosphere while the drums are viciously hammered by giant demons set for carnage. There is also a 15 second roar by Austin Taylor,  which completes this brutal masterpiece. Mind Cemeteries is the rightful name for this album, your mind will definitely be in a dazed as you hear those versatile sounds of death metal, instilling euphoria and eliciting that metal gene one carries. This debut album will be released on August 26th make sure you get your copy and be ready for the madness.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

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