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Coma Cluster Void, featuring vocalists Mike DiSalvo from Cryptopsy and Will Smith from Artificial Brain among several other musicians, use 10-string guitars and the result is surprisingly not garbage! It'll be really interesting to hear what the band puts out as a final product once things are all said and done, as right now there are only demos to go off of… but still, they are some sweet, sweet demos.

Thanks MetalSucks readers for pointing this one out!



You know, usually if there were a new band featuring Mike DiSalvo from Cryptopsy and Will Smith from Artificial Brain I’d just be stoked on the music. But the band is partially earning notoriety because they utilize 10, yes 10-string guitars. And they use them well! Like, every string is played repeatedly, and the high ones as often as the low ones.

So maybe I shouldn’t even bring up the extra extended-range guitars (by Agile) in the first place? Am I just fanning the flames? Yeah, maybe, but I figure someone is going to point them out so I may as well just turn into the skid.

The good news though: this is about it. We really can’t tune any lower and make notes of any musical use. Sure you may find 20 strings on a Warr Guitar or Chapman Stick but those are just redundant sets for two-handed tapping. So really it’s good news all around because DiSalvo and Smith’s band, who are named Coma Cluster Void by the way (no relation to Candiria), are pretty damn good. And the extended-range manifest destiny has been fully realized. Win/win.

Posted by Chris Alfano on December 17, 2014 at 2:00 pm