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In 2016, Coma Cluster Void put out their debut album Mind Cemeteries, a release that was one of my absolute favorites of the entire year. Moreso, it was one of the strongest and most memorable debuts I've heard from a death metal band in the modern era. The band has a unique and stark take on technical death metal, one that is both ultra dissonant and ultra heavy while incorporating in a sense of controlled chaos that is unlike anything else you've ever heard. Now only a year later, Coma Cluster Void is back with Thoughts From A Stone, a sprawling twenty-one minute long and some change single composition split into six chapters.

Coma Cluster Void's music feels like it's own self-contained universe, unfolding before you in a plethora of hostile and disturbing ways. Mind Cemeteries was the first point of contact with this world, and Thoughts From A Stone feels like a richer, fuller exploration of its endlessly layered labyrinths and innumerable chaotic living structures forming out of the music's spiraling polyrhythmic heavy depths.

Oftentimes the music here takes on a rollercoaster-like nature, building up slowly but surely to blinding aggressive swarms that later subside. Dissolving back into a variety of modes ranging from bone-crushing massive grooves to slow-tempo heavy dissonance, and also sparse quieter moments supported by a mix of ritualistic feeling spoken word and clean sung parts that fit the music well beyond the main vocals being a blend of extreme growls and roars. This back and forth violent swaying between extremes continues to grow more and more feral as Thoughts From A Stone unfurls and shows you more of what it has to offer. As it continues to evolve and morph from it's opening minimalist airy introduction, multiple further incredibly volatile and frenetic passages rear up and lash out at you in extreme peaks of intensity before it ends. Every musician on the release has given their all with incredible performances, and their ability to cover so much musical ground while having all of their performances meld together so cohesively is quite impressive.

In the end, music this intense and off the beaten path is better experienced than explained. Thoughts From A Stone is an incredibly dark and powerful piece of music, one that defies conventional norms in favor of mind-melting sonic exploration. To these ears, Thoughts From A Stone further cements the bands status as one of the most innovative groups active in technical death metal right now. So jam our early full stream of Thoughts From A Stone below, and if you dig what you're hearing, orders can be placed through the Coma Cluster Void Bandcamp page and the Translation Loss Records BigCartel store. Be sure to follow the group over on their Facebook page as well. *Coma Cluster Void –Thoughts From A Stone will officially drop this Friday, October 13th through Translation Loss Records.



Band: Coma Cluster Void
Genre: Dissonant death metal
Album: Thoughts from a Stone
Release date: October 13th 2017

I breathe  an awakening of life among the bloated
The twisted and torn
The blackened unborn
A shimmering glimmer of hope
Bestowed upon new beginnings

It starts with haunting sounds from the jungle. Merciless violin screechingwith a creepy tribal instrument will make you feel as if you are a part of some ancient ritual.The tension grows even bigger the moment you hear apocalyptic poetry, heavier than the universe. No, you are  not reading about some occult ritual but about a brand new Coma Cluster Void album – Thoughts from a Stone.With first guitar notes and pounding drums a black hole is summoned, ready to suck in your senses. Discordant progression and hissing of a lich mistress create an atmosphere that would put everyone outside their comfort zones. Bass rattling and guitar weeping become one, and with the second (this time male) vocalist, things are getting even more twisted and exciting. Then, in a moment, this hypnotic sound transforms into something more vile and schizophrenic. The guitar riffs are suddenly more complex and aggressive while the drums are carrying pulsating walls of sound like shockwaves, melting forth everything in its path. Around the 7th minute, things are getting even heavier and more out-of control (oh the irony, as if the song was not heavy enough before that!) Blast beats, razor-cutting riffs and a hail of noise that follows will make you think that the guitarist is having sex with his guitar. These punching notes will squirm your ears and melt your brain a bit. But the coolest thing about this release is that we are talking about an almost 22 minute long song/EP. The whole thing is like some sort of classical concerto with a dozen movements. Omnipresent aura of dissonance is probably getting its peak at 9:22 when the song gets noisier than ever. And right afterwards, you can hear repetition of previously played riffs for the first time.

Deep growls and slow paced riff announce a „new beginning” for the song. The state of melancholy is deepened by creepy bass and violin notes and Sylvia Hintz’s chants in the background. And then out of nowhere, the whole band starts chanting. Pretty unexpected and refreshing! But, that’s only about 20 seconds of the song and, all of a sudden, everything is dissonant again! Space-like bass riffs intertwined with the wickedness of Strieder’s guitar attacks and Sylvia’s eerie-as-fuck chants  are just an overture for the things to come! The song gets new momentum the moment Sylvia starts showing the dark side of her vocal capability for the first time! And yes, she screams like a banshee! Slow-paced riffs & drumming withalternating growls and clean vocalscreate a state of tension which lasts till the end of the song. And yes, what starts with dissonance, ends with dissonance.

Coma Cluster Void’s Thoughts from a Stone is a breath of fresh air in a sea of mediocrity that fills our ears. Production-wise, this bandmay remind you of bands like Thoren or Teramobil, but when speaking of their music, Coma sounds like Meshuggah’s bastard child on heavy drugs who is addicted to dissonant death metal as well. Theatrical & story telling aspect of this EP will keep you tied and closely connected to the music till the very end. This breathtaking release is with no doubt, one of the strongest this year. Don’t try to find flaws, ‘cause you won’t find any.

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 Official website:


M. DiSalvo (vocals; Cornflux, ex-Cryptopsy)
J. Strieder (guitars)

A. Taylor (vocals; Dimensionless)
C. Burrows (drums; ThorenVihaan)
S. Hinz (bass)


Coma Cluster Void’s debut album Mind Cemeteries was 45 minutes of dissonant, cryptic, esoteric death metal that took a few spins to fully appreciate, but when you did conquer its challenging extreme metal worldview, it yielded many rewards and treasures.

The band are now back with this latest EP; 22 minutes of experimental, technical, avant-garde death metal, steeped in dissonance and atypical riffs and seemingly born in an alternate dimension. As I stated on my review of Mind Cemeteries – this is not your typical death metal release, not at all. In fact, on Thoughts from a Stone the band have pushed the envelope even further, with a variety of different styles, moods, and textures explored across the playing time.

With experimental guests and added instrumentation, (including 10-string guitar, cello, and violin), as well as even greater variety in vocals, this EP demonstrates that Coma Cluster Void are willing to do whatever it takes to fully explore their creative horizons. It’s great to hear a band totally allow themselves the freedom to do whatever they like, and on Thoughts from a Stone it has paid off handsomely.

Replete with all manner of interesting and unusual ideas, wrapped in dissonant riffs, angular beats, and strange, barely human vocals, the tracks mutate and warp into and out of each other with one sinuous, disturbing flow. Although it’s divided into six tracks, this is essentially one long song; my only real complaint about this release is that I would have preferred it if they’d actually have released it as such, instead of chopping it up. Still, a minor quibble in the grand scheme of things.

Bewildering and chaotic, but with its own internal logic, Thoughts from a Stone needs to be heard and absorbed repeatedly before you can truly make sense of it. As it’s been sliced up, it’s best take it in one complete listening too – playing the tracks randomly on shuffle, for example, would simply make it even harder to digest. Like the band’s full-length though, once you get to know the twisting, confusing avenues that the music steers you down, there’s ample rewards to be had.


Metal as a genre constantly explores and subverts my understanding of two contrasting ideas: control and chaos. No band merges and blurs the lines between these concepts more than international progressive/technical death metal act Coma Cluster Void. I had a chance to cover their dissonant, dark and unbelievably heavy debut record, Mind Cemeteries, last year (read the review here), and the group is already back with a new piece of music. Thoughts From A Stone is technically an EP broken into six tracks, but is perhaps better thought of as one 22-minute song. Thoughts From A Stone shows Coma Cluster Void focus their frenetic fury into a cohesive yet chaotic concept. The EP will be released on October 13.

Coma Cluster Void are relentless in their commitment to creating unsettling soundscapes; opening with “I Breathe An Awakening”, Thoughts From A Stone begins with a quiet dissonance filled with uneasy guitar lines, feedback and spoken word sections. Even though all of these elements were present on their debut, their presence here performs a narrative function that introduces the album and a concept that increases in tension over time.


This intensity and energy builds through slowly accelerating tempos over the course of the six tracks, the music becoming faster and more complex alongside dissonant guitars and aggressive growls. “The Silence And Gloom” is built around asphyxiating arpeggios and a glacial yet unpredictable groove that flirts with post metal influences. CCV’s music is based on clever polyrhythms, but they never give in to generic tropes – though sometimes this is unsatisfying for the breakdown fan in me, I have to admire CCV’s commitment to innovation and unpredictability. The next part of the Thoughts From A Stone is my favorite part of the EP: “Sculpting This Vision” incorporates some interesting, disturbing SikTh-by-way-of-Peripheryriffs into their sound here.

The six-part song climaxes with “Thumb Of Disease”; the fastest, heaviest part of the record, this section is replete with blast beats and The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza-esque chaotic musicality. The final two parts of the EP act as an effective denouement, and incorporate some of the most interesting parts. Largely slow and crushing, the music is contrasted by haunting singing and spoken word. The incorporation of these elements makes for an even more unsettling sound, and shows that, although CCV have crafted a compelling story with this 22 minute song, they never resolve it for the listener; we are left wondering, waiting, and wanting more.

When writing last year’s review of Mind Cemeteries, I enjoyed the record but found it perhaps too dense and unpredictable to latch onto. With Thoughts From A StoneComa Cluster Void have addressed this concern. The six-part song has natural ebbs and flows, but works towards an intelligible climax and conclusion. Unfortunately, some production choices in terms of vocal processing and cymbal mixes were a bit distracting or lacked impact. Thankfully, the inclusion of some more diverse elements, most notably the creepy singing, is an added point of interest. Thoughts From A Stone show Coma Cluster Void strengthening and maturing their already innovative sound, and I recommend it for fans of heavy, dissonant, forward-thinking music.

Notable Tracks: “Sculpting This Vision”; “Mother, Dreamer”

FFO: UlsectJohn FrumMeshuggah

Pre-order Thoughts From A Stone on Bandcamp, and check out Coma Cluster Void on Facebook and YouTube.