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1. Coma Cluster Void - Mind Cemeteries.
-> 26 de Agosto de 2016.
-Primer álbum de estudio de la banda estadounidense, alemana y canadiense Coma Cluster Void, realizado y grabado de forma independiente por la banda.
-Calificación: 8.5/10.

2. The Conjuration - The Silent Opera
-> 21 de Septiembre de 2016.
-Segundo álbum de estudio de la banda estadounidense The Conjuration, realizado y grabado de forma independiente por la banda.
-Calificación: 8.5/10.

3. Teramobil - Magnitude of Thoughts.
-> 6 de Diciembre de 2016.
-Segundo álbum de estudio de la banda canadiense Teramobil, realizado y grabado de forma independiente por la banda.
-Calificación: 8.5/10.

4. Solinaris - Deranged.
-> 8 de Abril de 2016.
-Primer y debut álbum de estudio de la banda canadiense Solinaris, realizado y grabado por el sello Cimmerian Shade Recordings.
-Calificación: 8/10.

[Cualquier opinión o sugerencia es muy bien aceptada y recibida en cuanto sea de buena manera realizada. Los presentes tops son hechos de manera objetiva tomando resultados de varias fuentes de internet].

Death Devaluado


Top 25 metal albums of 2016

I guess everybody agrees on the point that 1986 was crucial year for the developement of metal music, especially when thrash and death metal are in question. And here we are, 30 years later... Chernobyl is still radioactive and metal is alive and well! Since there are so many great albums that were released this year, it was a tough task to list the 20 best releases. According to the Chinese calendar, 2016 is the year of the Monkey, but I’ll definitely call it The year of Dissonance, and there’s plenty of reasons for that. I mean, even Korn is back to their noisy roots. So check out our list of haiku reviews down below!

25) Venomous Concept Kick Me Silly – VC III
24) Anal Trump – Make America say Merry Christmas Again
23) Vektor – Terminal Redux
22) Anal Trump – That makes me smart!
21) Bolzer – Hero Finally
20) Tumbleweed Dealer – TD III – Tokes, Hatred and Caffeine  
19) D.R.I. But wait...there’s more!
18) Sacramental Blood Ternion Demonarchy
17) Sodom – Decision Day
16) Pyrrhon – Running out of Skin
15) Brujeria – Potcho Aztlan
14) Suicidal Tendencies – World Gone Mad 
13) Meshuggah  – Violent Sleep of Reason 
12) Death Angel – The Evil Divide
11) Megadeth – Dystopia
10) Watchtower Concepts of Math – Book One  
9) Thoren – Brennenburg   

8) Coma Cluster Void – Mind Cemeteries  

Com Cluster Void is an international death metal/noise/math band. The intensity of their music is unmatched!  Mind Cemeteries is an excellent debut album, which would be likable to those who worship chaotic and dissonant bands such as Meshuggah, Gorguts, Thoren (haha) and others. In their own words, these guys' music can be described as anti-groove. Gotta love that term! Give this album a chance, ‘cause you surely won’t be disappointed!

7) Teramobil – Magnitude of Thoughts
6) Voivod – Post Society  
5) Ulcerate – Shrine of Paralysis 
4) Dysrhythmia  – The Veil of Control
3) Deathspell Omega  – The Synarchy of Molten Bones
2) The Claypool Lenon Delirium – The Monolith of Phobos
1) Gorguts – Pleiades’ Dust

2016 was a great year for tech death in particular and extreme metal in general. I get less and less motivated to post my favorites of the year every year since my taste in metal has shifted from "typical" technical death metal to more obscure dissonant experimental metal and not too many people care for this growing few sub-genres. Clean tech death with nothing new "on the table" does NOTHING for me anymore to be honest. Even so, here goes nothing:

Pyrrhon is my new favorite band so their new release is my #1 even though it's mostly improvisation. Even so, track 1 is so good. so very good.

IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT is my new favorite black metal band, so of course their new release is spectacular.…/inceste-ep

Gorguts latest is great. the magic is still there.

Ulcerate's magic is also still there. paralyzing really.

MALIGNANCY keeps getting more complex. love it.

Deathspell Omega new stuff is so good. so intense.…/the-synarchy-of-molt…

Coma Cluster Void more energetic tracks are intense and spice up something new and refreshing

@mephistopheles didn't disappoint.

PSUDOKU's new track is one of the few catchy styles i dig. a lot.

DODECAHEDRON new releases are just getting better and better. dissonance galore!

Auroch / Mitochondrion split is excellent.…/in-cronian-hour

Crisis Actor brought the goods early this year but still.

HOWLS OF EBB out of nowhere with this great dark release…/cursus-impasse-t…

WORMED keep improving as always

I'm sure I missed a bunch buttttt there ya go, 2016. I hope all 9 of you enjoy these. Pretty sure that's how few people actually dig all of these as well. -amir


Hey there Tech-fiends, it's that time of the week again. I thought I'd do something special to end the year with and do an extensive 2016 best of feature for Tech-Death Tuesday. Then once 2017 begins, I'll be right back at it with plenty of early exclusive streams and new underground acts to show you all year long. So until next year, have a good one.

I really hate having to rank my favorites, as they are numerous, and I genuinely rarely think of my favorite releases for any year in a ranked way. So the following list of my favorite 2016 tech-death full-lengths (and the secondary list for favorite EPs) will be unranked to save me the stress and fretting over placing them in some highly specific order. Instead, place a little blind trust in me that each one listed is well worth investing time in (though you'll gravitate to some more then others depending on your tastes) if its one you haven't heard so far. I'm going to place all my lesser known favorites first and the ones from established names after, that way you can get a sense of what you might have missed in an easy streamlined way.


Crator – The Ones Who Create : The Ones Who DestroyListen
Infinite Density – Recollapse Of The UniverseListen
Australis – Spaces Of HopeListen
Polyptych – Defying The Metastasis – Listen
Intonate – The Swerve Listen
Deviant Process – ParoxysmListen
Coma Cluster Void – Mind CemeteriesListen
Azooma – The Act Of EyeListen
Unfathomable Ruination – Finitude – Listen
Dawn Of Dementia – The Immolation Of Avernis – Listen
Spheron – A Clockwork Universe  – Listen
Solinaris – Deranged  – Listen
Virvum – IlluminanceListen
Destroying The Devoid – ParamnesiaListen
Breeding Filth – Perverse DevolutionListen
Vipassi – Śūnyatā  – *Since the band got signed, the album is being re-released in 2017. It's not up in full anymore.
Burial In The Sky – Persistence Of ThoughtListen
Slave One – Disclosed Dioptric Principles  – Listen
Karmacipher – NecroracleListen
Wormhole – Genesis  – Listen
Riftwalker – Green & Black – Listen
Neurogenic – Ouroboric Stagnation  – Listen
Caecus – The Funeral Garden   – Listen
Convulsing – Errata  – Listen
Brain Drill – Boundless ObscenityListen
Obscura – Akróasis  – Listen
Hannes Grossman – The Crypts Of SleepListen
Allegaeon – Proponent For Sentience  – Listen
First Fragment – Dasein  – Listen
Wormed – Krighsu  – Listen
The Zenith Passage – Solipsist  – Listen
Entheos – The Infinite Nothing   – Listen
Mithras – On Strange LoopsListen
Ulcerate – Shrines Of ParalysisListen
Defeated Sanity – Disposal Of The Dead // Dharmata  – Listen
Vale Of Pnath – II  – Listen



Gorguts – Pleiades Dust  – Listen
Mephistopheles – In Reverence Of Forever  – Listen
Cognizance – Illusory  – Listen
Equipoise – Birthing Homunculi  – Listen
Proliferation – Rebirth: The Journey Through Soil  – Listen
A Million Dead Birds Laughing – Umbilical Dystrophy / Air Missile Defense Battle LabListen
Singularity – Voidwalker  – Listen
Enigma – Stars Misaligned  – Listen
Cancerous Womb – It Came To This  – Listen
Malignancy – Malignant Future  – Listen
Divinity – The Immortalist Pt. 2 – Momentum  – Listen
The Noumenon – Terminus   – Listen
Conflux Collective – The Inception  – Listen
Sunless  – Demo 2016  – Listen
Nightmarer – Chasm   – Listen
Unflesh – Transcendence To Eternal Obscurity   – Listen
Brought By Pain – Crafted By Society  – Listen
Boreworm – Entomophobia   – Listen
Torturous Inception – Void  – Listen